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More Than a Shower

SHARE Community understands showers and access to hygiene will not alone solve the homeless crisis. However, given a chance to affirm dignity, many of the guests have managed to acquire jobs, build self-confidence, combat depression, and actively participate in quelling the spread of COVID-19. Nearly 40% of the guests report they believe access to this facility helps them stay healthy.

By leveraging support from organizations and small businesses such as White Pony Express, local Barbers and Hair Salons, HealthRIGHT 360's Reentry Network, Golden Hill's Community Outreach Center, Shelter, Inc. Supportive Services for Veterans, and Contra Costa Health Services' CORE Team and Mobile Med Van, SHARE helps facilitate access to opportunities that come with being clean and helps guests reach optimal levels of success - individually and communally.

SHARE Community envisions our work as the springboard for unhoused people to build confidence, reinforce their human worth, and secure stable housing. SHARE understands this cannot be achieved overnight, however, through consistency and unfettered support, we know our work changes lives and communities!

Guests have many positive things to say about having consistent place to shower:

"You know, ever since I've been coming to shower here, I feel like a person again. I didn't feel like that before. Thank you."

"When I shower here, I feel loved AND clean. I feel a part of society again -- I'm ready to take on the day!"

Every time you support SHARE Community, you help our neighbors DIRECTLY. And for that, we thank you.

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