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What it means to belong

If you are human, you have probably realized by now that you have needs. Some of these needs are basic- like the need for food, water, and shelter. Other needs are more complex- like the need for love, adventure, or fulfillment.

One of the most essential needs that people have is the need to belong. While some of us might be tempted to behind an armor of "I don't need any one" - science, and the wisdom of life experience teach us otherwise. As our elders tell us "live a little", because it doesn't take long for us to realize that connection is an integral part of being human.

People are social creatures, and as such we need other people. This need doesn't end at survival, it transcends into an essential piece of what allows us to thrive.

Think of a time or place you felt like you DIDN'T belong? How did it make you feel?






Now think of a time or place where you felt like you DID belong? How did it make you feel?





Our social connections are the glue that hold our communities together, but for our unhoused neighbors- their sense of belonging is constantly under threat. Many businesses and people don't want them around, but there aren't many places where they can go. They are frequently getting kicked out of places or asked to move.

Where can they go at the end of a long day, in times of crisis, or when they simply need a break? Where can they truly rest?

More importantly, how does someone remember the dignity of their humanity, when their life circumstances cause them to be treated as less than human? How do we as a community, uplift the need for belonging while someone walks through one of the most challenging times of their life?

We don't have all the answers, here, but we are committed to listening, to learning, and to creating a sense of belonging at our mobile shower program. We hope that you will continue to do this work with us as we continue to share hope, abundance, resources, and encouragement with our community.

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Christine Davis
Christine Davis
01 juin

Beautiful message! The work you do is so important 😍

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