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SHARE Community Turns Four!

Last Saturday the SHARE Community team gathered together with some of our dedicated volunteers and supporters to celebrate four years of SHARE Community becoming a nonprofit and three full years of Mobile Shower Services.

We were founded on a simple mission: to share hope, abundance, resources, and encouragement with members of the community and the organizations who serve them by creating ways for people to work together toward positive change.

While it might have begun with a simple vision and mission, it has grown mightily over the last few years, and we have watched as the vision has come to life and the way it has impacted the city.

What are we celebrating exactly?

For starters, on day one of our mobile shower program we gave out 12 showers. Now, in year three of our program we are consistently giving up to 25 showers on both Tuesdays and Thursdays!

We have been able to scale our impact significantly in the last year. In February 2022 we gave 74 showers in a month. In February 2023 we gave 163 showers! That’s 89 more showers!

Altogether, in the three years of having our Mobile Shower Services, we have provided 4,060 showers! We have also supplied the community with 6,542 hygiene packs!

That’s not all…

Our Mobile Shower Services are now partnered with several strategic community services such as Contra Costa County’s Healthcare for the Homeless, which provide free medical services to the houseless community. They come every Tuesday, and while they originally brought in their med-van, they now bring out their med-bus due to the demand in services.

That’s not all…

We have also partnered with HealthRIGHT 360 to offer mental health and relapse prevention classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to support our shower guests overall wellbeing.

This is in addition to several other key services we are also offering.

Starting in March, we started preparing and serving hot breakfast to our shower guests on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, our community is provided with a voucher to wash one load of clothes per week as a result of our strategic partnership with the City of Antioch and dedicated volunteers.

Not to mention our ongoing partnership with organizations such as White Pony Express, Antioch Community Foundation, and the Community Outreach Center.

We’ve also made significant progress in our Adopt-a-Block program.

After four years of picking up trash in the community in the same neighborhood, we have made enough of an impact where the community members have expressed they are willing to start maintaining their neighborhood. We are now piloting a program to install community trash receptacles, and to service the trash receptacles every week.

Thanks to our partners and volunteers, we are able to see the mission and vision of SHARE community come to life. We’ve made a lot of impact in the first few years, and we’re just getting started! SHARE community looks forward to partnering with you to make a continued impact!

You can join us by making a donation here of any amount!

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