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Spring 2021



Our goal is to see kids thrive!  We want to give children in grades first through fifth a place where they can be encouraged, supported, learn useful life tools, have access to mentors, and most importantly to have fun!

Image by Aaron Burden


Kidz Jam promotes youth development by strengthening their minds, bodies, and souls to prepare them for a healthy, balanced life as productive adults and citizens. Adopt-A-Block hones independent living skills, ensures participants have a connection to community, and works to develop character and positive values in young people.

Kidz Jam is scheduled to launch in Spring 2021 in the Sycamore area of Antioch, CA

Leadership Committee


Jazmine White

Kidz Jam Program Manager

Raised in the City of Antioch, Jazmine considers it her hometown.  She graduated with a degree in Communication from San Diego State University and moved back home knowing one thing - she wanted to make the world a better place.  She works in the non-profit sector and is a regular volunteer with her church.  She holds a special place in her heart for the children within her community, as well as a dream to see her community restored. She joined SHARE Community for one reason- to show people the love of Jesus in a tangible way.


Lauren Iroko

Leadership Committee Member

As a Georgia Native, Lauren discovered her passion of serving  at a young age. Through giving her time to church, camps, children’s programs, and her work in pediatric and adult rehabilitation, she has now brought that passion to serve as a part of SHARE Community’s Programs. As an occupational therapist, Lauren brings her love of helping children grow into healthy, confident, and resilient adults. She believes that early intervention and prevention is key. She believes that if we intentionally teach and love our children well now, we prepare them to love and serve others unselfishly as adults. 

Gaby V.jpg

Gaby Velasquez 

Leadership Committee Member

Gaby was born, raised and educated in the Bay Area. She graduated with her Master Degree of Education and currently works as an Elementary School Teacher in Pittsburg, CA. She has always loved working with children and being an advocate for them. She is a member of the Community Leadership Team and the Equity Team at her school site. As a first-generation Latina American, she has seen the need for all children to be seen and heard. Her desire to join SHARE Community’s Kidz Jam comes from two of her greatest joys in life -- serving her community and empowering children.





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