Our heart is to create a place and space that benefits and helps support the physical and emotional needs of Senior Citizens. 

Our intention is to create an atmosphere where a sense of respect and care can exist for our elders, even if only for a fleeting moment in time or just a fraction of a memory. 


Many of them have given so much of their lives to seeing that others are taken care of; to fighting for the freedoms of this country that we so richly enjoy; to serving in the causes of the poor, destitute, and the lonely.  Then they come to a point in their lives where memories escape them; their bodies betray them; their health decays; their friends and their family members leave them.  What then, becomes of them?  What becomes of the wisdom that they hold inside of them when they have no one to share it with?  What becomes of their broken hearts and spirits when they are placed in a senior home- discarded and forgotten by the people that they once cared for?

Our aim is to donate the most precious resource of all- our time.  For just an hour, we provide a moment of joy and a consistent presence that our elders can look forward to on a weekly basis.  We can provide supplies and necessities to our lower income elders who are living on social security incomes that barely cover the cost of their rent and caretaker.  We can be the receivers of priceless wisdom and stories that will continue to live on, long after our elders have passed.  We can be the ones who won't forget that they were here and just for a tiny bit of time, they can remember that they were loved.


Consistency is always the goal of
Adopt-A-Senior-Home, it is important that the long-term volunteers consistently visit the same site location week after week. All long-term volunteers are assigned permanently to an Adopt-A-Senior-Home site. These long-term volunteers are the backbone of the sites, and their biggest role is building relationships with the elders in the community.

Other volunteers may join Adopt-A-Senior-Home for only one day. These volunteers play an important role in meeting the needs of the elders as they assist at the site by helping to spend time with the elders, creating crafts, reading, playing board games, and distributing supplies. Some even bring their own donations!